Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Updates: Weeks 24-26

The fruit hasn't changed much since my last update. I've only gone from a papaya to an eggplant. The best news about the last few weeks is that my sacrum pain is feeling much better. I don't know if it's because I've been allowing myself to sleep on my back, but it's nice to have some relief from the pain. I even managed to run FOUR whole miles [on the treadmill] on Saturday, which basically felt like running 10, but I felt awesome when it was over. My belly is getting much bigger, though, and I can really feel the pressure on my hip flexors from running. The baby is growing at an incredible rate right now-a half pound/week. That's nuts. It could be as long as 9 inches and weigh 2lb.

At my last appointment, we scheduled my one-hour gestational diabetes test for my next appointment. I don't know why, but I'm completely paranoid that I have GD. Maybe because I've been such a sugar fiend. I'm terrified of only being able to eat...I don't know what you eat if you have GD and don't eat meat. Here's hoping I don't have to find out. My doctor also scheduled another growth ultrasound for me at my next appointment because of the MTHFR. I guess some babies might be on the small side with MTHFR because the placenta might not be efficient at nutrient transport. So, we'll get to see the baby again in just a few weeks. My doctor also measured my belly, or fundal height, for the first time and I was measuring right on track. She also commented that I finally look pregnant, which I have to say I agree with. I think my bump has at least doubled in size in the last few weeks.

Jason and I have started to clean out the office/junk room that is to be the nursery. I posted previously about some of our nursery plans. Our color scheme is gray, white, and lime green with monster decor. And maybe some bike decor too. We finally ordered the crib and glider last night too, which is a huge relief. Here is what we have decided on so far for the nursery:


I will do a big nursery post at some point, but these items are: Baby Mod Modena crib (long story about the crib, will tell another time); Carousel Geometric crib bedding; IKEA 8-drawer Hemnes dresser; Leroy, courtesy of Etsy vendor dkoss2; Babyletto Kyoto glider in slate with Ecru piping; Sherwin-Williams paint in electric lime

So, the plan is for Jason to build a few bookcases and a chair rail around the room. We will probably do a light gray above the chair rail and a dark gray below, possibly to match the grays in the crib and glider. And then use the green to do accents on the bookcase and shelves and such. I think it's going to look awesome:) My sister also just gave us a huge bag full of gender-neutral baby clothes, which was much appreciated. She has three boys and just had a girl. She has been so inundated with pink that she can pass along all the yellow to us and I'll gladly take it! Some of the clothes are so teeny tiny!

We are getting the bike shop hook-up on the stroller we want, a Chariot Cougar. This stroller is so cool. With the attachments, it goes from bike trailer to regular stroller to jogging stroller. So instead of having to buy a BOB jogging stroller and a Burley trailer, we can get one chassis and use it for both activities. And should we ever like to go cross-country skiing with it, there's an attachment for that too, believe it or not. They think of everything these days.


We are gathering pediatrician recommendations and I left a message to sign up for a birthing class. We also need to do a hospital tour and a breastfeeding class. It seems like a lot, but I feel like we have a decent start on things for now. Okay, onto the bump shots! Here is my very poor quality 25w bare belly shot from last week.


We did our Botanical Garden pictures on Sunday as well. It was the first time in seven weeks, which was bad on our part. It was also miserably hot and humid. I was dripping with sweat, puffy, and swollen. Ugh, my face. Here are a few where my face doesn't look TOO fat.



We've been waiting for my belly to get bigger to pose with this lady statue. Unfortunately, Jason did a terrible job as Mr. Jay and didn't tell me to put my front elbow forward. Oh well.


How far along are you?: 26w

How big is baby?: eggplant

Weight gain/loss?: Up 13lb at 25w.

Stretch marks?: Expecting them any day now

Maternity clothes?: Yes, but I still wear larger regular clothes for the gym. My friend just expanded my limited wardrobe by passing along a few of her pieces which was really great.

Sleep?: I'm sleeping pretty well, actually. It's still hard to roll over without back pain, but definitely not as bad as my last report.

Best moment this week?: It was pretty hilarious when my five-year-old nephew told me he saw 'a big baby in there' upon seeing me in a bikini.

Food cravings?: Fruit, ice cream.

Gender?: It's a surprise

Movement?: Oh yes. Not just kicks and punches anymore, but rolls and pushes of entire body parts. It's amazing.

Belly button?: Still an innie, but getting more shallow.

Symptoms?: Nothing too much other than the heat really taking it out on me more so than usual. It makes me crabby too.

What do I miss?: I'd still like to have a glass of white wine.

What I'm looking forward to this week? I'm looking forward to my u/s at 28 weeks. Also, third trimester is starting soon!

Milestones?: Making it to viability and I'm now under 100 days to go! Until my due date, that is.


Sarah said...

yay! you look so good! and i am shocked that crib is from walmart - so cute!! glad the pain is better, too. and p.s. STOP being so self-critical, woman! your face is hardly fat!!

The Homeless Parrot said...

I love you and all, but I kinda hate you now too. I've gained THIRTY FOUR pounds at 28.5 weeks. Now granted, I don't run 4 miles at a time, and the thought makes me cringe a little inside. I'm much more sedentary than you are, and I suspect I eat much worse...so I guess I have nothing to complain about. Keep it up, I'm impressed by your stamina and abilities. I'm just a big, fat, sad sack on the couch...when I'm not working!

The Homeless Parrot said...

I also love the Baby Mod crib...but we're trying to keep the nursery budget low. We're doing grey walls with jewel tones of blue and green.

Emily said...

You look so good! I love your nursery idea-the colors are fantastic. I've never seen a stroller super combo thing like that-way cool!I love these posts of yours. =-)

Julia said...

that statue is freaking amazing!

And I love that you are still running---I remember running 3-4 miles at a time when I was in the second tri/early third and I felt like a freaking superhuman:)

You are adorable! Don't start with the fat face comments....you gotta quiet those inner voices now before they get out of control in the future!

The Homeless Parrot said...

Oh, and your face does not look swollen. You look amazing.

The Homeless Parrot said...

We ended up getting the Baby Modena crib too - for $200 + $10 shipping. I'm pretty happy with the purchase :)