Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern Nursery Reveal

It's finally finished and I'm so excited to show it off! Jason really worked his butt off on this nursery. I already posted about how he installed a chair rail and did the painting. I'm going to go through every little item in painful detail since we ordered a lot of things from Etsy and I want to give each artist his/her due. I had very positive experiences with each person we dealt with. I love Etsy! We did a sort of monster/bicycle theme, but I don't think either is over the top.

Remember this is what it looked like when the former owner lived there.


Okay, let's look in through the doorway, shall we?


Let's start in the corner with the glider.


Blanket: shower gift from my sister, found at Verde Kids



Little frames: Goodwill, $.50 each and spray painted
Big frames: TJ Max, spray painted
Levi and Neptune portraits: shower gift courtesy of my friend and photographer Julie Birkemeier, who does pet portraits through her business Mutton Chops.
5x7 monster prints: Etsy shop Prints by Amanda James


Frame: Goodwill, around $6 and spray painted
Matte: ArtMart framing, $30
Print: Etsy store Miss Moniker

Here's the crib:


Bicycle cog decals: Dali Decals



Mobile: Etsy store The Wonderland Studio


Bookshelf: Homemade! Jason built this baby from scratch and then did a million sand/paint jobs. It turned out great. It's similar to the IKEA one everyone has in their nursery, but since he built it, he could customize the size to fit our space.
Lamp: $1 from Goodwill, we bought the shade at Target
Green bins: Target
Curtains: Target

How cute is this corner! We put the hooks down low so that the kid can reach it in the not too distant future.


Lamb: shower gift from the givers of my first shower. Pottery Barn Kids.


Monster drawer knobs: Etsy store DaRosa Children's Art. Jason found an old board in the basement to mount the knobs to.
Onesie: Courtesy of our friends over at Two Pitties in the City! They were so kind to send it our way after they came to visit.
Bib: shower gift courtesy of my friend who probably wants her name to remain anonymous. But here is her blog! The bib is great because it combines monsters and critters you would see under the microscope, perfect for a scientist like me:)


Shelf: Received as a wedding gift and spray painted white.
Bicycle print: Honey Bunny Studio
Monster figurine: We purchased it at a local art fair, but they have an Etsy store, Monsteropolis. Seriously, this stuff is so cute, it was really hard to decide on which guy to get!


Shelf: Received as wedding gift and spray painted white.
Monster stuffed animal: Leroy from Etsy store Cutesy but Not Cutesy.
Monster figurine: He's on a snowboard and was purchased for Jason a few years ago by my mom. I think he came from Uncommon Goods.



Mobile: shower gift from my sister, Verde Kids.
Wet bag for cloth diapers: Planet Wise.
Changing pad cover: Carousel Designs.
Dresser/changing table: It's definitely a little tall for a changing table, but we'll make do.

Here's my newborn cloth diaper stash! Mostly prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. I have some disposables from my sister to get us started in those first crazy days.


Lots of hand-me-down clothing from my sister and a few new things from my showers.



And one very special blanket and one quilt.


The yellow blanket was made for Jason when he was a baby by his grandmother.

The quilt is made from t-shirts that were my Dad's. My dad had a bunch of t-shirts that he wore casually and after he died, my sisters and I divided them up. I asked his sister to make a baby blanket out of them so that part of him could be in the nursery and what she did far exceeded any expectations. It turned out just beautiful and I could not be more excited about it.


I just love the way everything turned out. Every decision was a joint effort on my and Jason's parts. Truly a team effort! It will be nice to have such a beautiful room since I will be spending many hours in there nursing the baby:) Now all we need is a baby to put in it, don't you think?


Julia said...

God, I love it all! From the doggies in their frames, to the tee shirt quilt from your dad, to the colors and the adorable prints everywhere. Great job guys!! Little baby is going to LOVE it.

Katie said...

Love the nursery! My favorite is the quilt from your dads shirts. That is the best idea ever and it made me tear up. How amazing!

LC said...

Oh my goodness, Mary! It is amazing. There are just so many things I love. The pictures of the 2 brothes, the incredible quilt, and all of the little personal touches. Fantastic job!!! Can't believe that baby will be here so soon :)

N. said...

I love how it turned out, with all the detailed personal touches. Great job, guys! Now you're all ready for your little one!

Sarah said...

You made me tear up. Thanks Mary. The quilts put me over the edge... again. It's beautiful.

Jennelle said...

Mary, it's awesome! I LOVE the bright pops of green. :)

Two Pitties in the City said...

This is so great! And so well thought out! I love seeing the pictures of the pooches, and the T-shirt quilt...and I love how the pitbull onesie can also be part of the design!
It seems like everything is ready now...

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Super cute and I love the monster theme! Also love that you have pictures of their brothers in the room!

The Homeless Parrot said...

It looks GREAT! FYI - our baby's nursery has become a place to keep baby's things and to change the baby. Otherwise, she sleeps with us and is never in the nursery. We actually moved the glider into the living room so that I could nurse in front of TV/laptop/be social. One day, she will use it. For now, it holds all her stuff :)

Stephanie said...

Your nursery is GORGEOUS!

Sean Marie said...

Wow, super cool! Love it.

salman santo said...

name in the frame with birds is my favorite! I wish I had space in C's room for that!kids wall decals

rajesh kumar said...

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