Friday, November 2, 2012

A Pit Bull and His Baby Have a Tea Party

Before I launch into these photos that will make your ovaries explode, I have to complain about my internet for a moment.  We don't have cable and have to have a land line for our alarm system, so we are stuck with AT&T internet.  We had and loved U-Verse at our condo, but for some reason, the U-Verse internet was fantastic and regular AT&T internet blows.  Even though there is a U-Verse box on OUR property, we can't get U-Verse because all the little connections in the box are full.  Anyway, one of the reasons why I blog so infrequently is because our internet sucks to high heaven and it takes one hour to upload approximately 10 photos to my Flickr account.  It's so frustrating.  I don't have all damn night to try to upload stuff and I get frustrated.  And who wants to read blog posts without photos?  Okay, onto the tea party.

We did a newborn photo shoot with photographer Lynsey Tedesco last year when Elsa was only nine days old.  Lynsey was so fantastic and we were so in love with our photos, we decided to book her again this year for Elsa's one-year photos.  I couldn't be happier with how everything went!  She first came to the house to shoot the tea party and then we went to the park to get some outdoor shots.  Elsa is a little reserved around people she doesn't know, but she warmed up to Lynsey right away.  Lynsey had her smiling and laughing and was just so good working with Elsa.  I can't recommend Lynsey enough if you are looking for a photographer in St. Louis.  Now, onto the photos!

I thought it would be cute to set up a tea party with Elsa and the boys.  Jason, totally of his own free will, went out and bought Elsa all these cute clothes.  I thought her little brown dress would be perfect for the occasion.  And my mom has a stash of fun jewelry for Elsa and her cousin to play with, so I knew those would be involved.  But what would the dogs wear to the party?  Tea party hats, of course!  We bought a red hat for Levi (because red is DEFINITELY Levi's color) and a little blue hat for Neptune.  We also got Levi a big red boa because we are dog torturers.  My sister lent us her toddler-sized table and chair and I got out the adorable tea party set my mom's friend gave Elsa and my vision was complete!

I have to say, considering the fact that I don't use Pinterest and don't have a single creative brain cell, I am pretty excited about how everything turned out.  The major bummer was that Neptune was a complete and utter maniac and his manners were just not good enough to attend the tea party.  Maybe next year.  But Levi, on the other hand, is a refined gentleman who had a former life residing in a million dollar mansion.  So, he knew exactly how to act at a tea party.  

Without further ado, all photos courtesy of Lynsey Tedesco Photography.


















We took lots more pictures in the park, but given how crappy my internet is, I don't know if I will ever post them.  Check out Lynsey's blog to see some more cute ones of Elsa in the little chair we got her for her birthday if you are interested.  Jason and I are actually in these too.


Kari in Vegas said...

Love the photos. Sad Neptune was acting up

Stop on by for a visit

My Two Pitties said...

Beautiful! You're baby is gorgeous and she is going to love seeing these pictures when she is older!

Julia said...

Um, LOVE. Times one hundred. Ovaries = exploded.

Two Pitties in the City said...

I missed this the first absolutely cute is that? I can't believe she is so big already. And I love seeing how well she interacts with the pups.