Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Did January Go?

Holy cow, it's almost February.  Did anyone else just lose the entire first month of 2013?  I worked a lot this month.  I mean, a lot, a lot.  Like, until 2:30 AM one night a lot.  This is a really busy time of year for my department because some of the research projects we work on can only be done in January and February, so it's basically two months of insanity while we try to cram it all in.  Luckily, my involvement is over after tomorrow.  And then I spend the next 11 months recovering before I do it all over again.  I must add that I chose to be involved in this project and so I am not complaining.  I get to do lab work instead of computer work, learn a technique that is completely new to me, and be a part of something that is truly hands-on conservation.  It's awesome.  Thanks to Jason for holding down the fort while I've worked late so many nights.  I owe him big time.

When I haven't been working at night, I've been binging on "Downton Abbey" episodes. I no longer think that people who pronounce it Downton are just trying to be pretentious because now I know that is how it is spelled.  I'm a dumbass.  What we realized in all of those hours of viewing is that Downton Abbey, or Highclere Castle, is indeed, Levi's million dollar house.  
Highclere Castle-front facade
Levi's Million Dollar House

Now we realize even more why he acts like such a diva all the time and keeps roaming around looking for the bell to ring to call us to attention.  Where is his tea?  His valet to set out his white tie dressing attire?  His footman to serve his multi-course dinners?  No wonder he hates us.

We gave him yet another reason last week.  He has had this blood blister on his chest for quite some time.  The vet has told us it's nothing to worry about, but that she can remove it if we want.  We got him a harness so our poor dog walker doesn't have to fear for her life if he sees a cat on their walks and the harness rubs him right on that spot.  Even though we sleep with a protective sheet over our fancy duvet cover, Levi bled all over the sheet and basically ruined the duvet cover.  So, time to get it removed.  That happened last Friday.  It doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Levi stitches

Besides, he has Neptune and Neptune's perpetually sad face to remind him that his life isn't so bad after all.


"Fuck My Life"

Right before all the craziness with work started, Elsa brought home the third stomach bug since August.  In case you're keeping track, Mary is 3/3 for stomach bugs, Elsa is 2/3, and Jason is also 2/3.  Lucky me.  Poor Elsa was really sick this time.  Thank goodness for my mom who helped out (and got sick as a result) so that Jason and I didn't miss as much work.  Then I got sick and missed my first full day of work since I started in July.  It was brutal.  I really understand the meaning of violently ill now.  

Because I've been gone so much, I've been soaking up my time with Elsa.  She is crazy!  She turned 15 months in January and what an age.  She understands so much of what we tell her and she has so many words: da-da, ma-ma, uh-oh, more (word and sign), woo woo (for dog), this, nigh-nigh (for bedtime) bath (sign), bye-byes (yes, with the "s" on the end), hi, ba-ba (bottle), rawr (lion and tiger sound), vroom (car), boom.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  But, we've also entered the full toddler phase which unfortunately comes along with temper tantrums.  Fun times!  

We have had some really nice weather recently, so we took her to the Loop Ice Carnival one Saturday.




And to the playground, which she just loves.  She's pretty fast, so we have to really move to keep up with her.  She's a little daredevil!






Elsa also recently started imaginary play, pretending to feed her dolls.  Here she is cleaning her doll's "piggies."


The dogs also get in on this action because sometimes someone is calling Neptune on the play phone and Elsa has to put it up to him to answer.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of that.  Yet.  This picture is pretty sweet, though.

Levi and Elsa

Sorry for the randomness of this post, but I just wanted to do a quick catch-up.  I hope everyone had a good start to 2013!


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SHe is stinking cute with those pups. she is all toddler now!! i loved this age!

Kari in Alaska said...

Glad that the blister got fixed with no issues

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